When it comes to our body’s nutrition we don’t always get the right balance. In today’s world the foods we eat can be deficient in many of the important vitamins and minerals our bodies require to function. That’s where supplements come in and can have profound effect on your bodies overall health.

Personally, I take nutritional supplements each day, but which ones should you take and how do you know which ones your body needs to ensure optimal health and performance? Despite there being many myths and rumours about taking supplements here are five research-backed supplements you should be taking. Note: dietary supplementation should always be consulted with your doctor to ensure you are aware of the benefits and the risks to taking nutritional supplements.

Multivitamin with Minerals

This common daily supplement can provide you with many health benefits when your diet is lacking the basics such as your fruit and vegetables this will provide you with all the missing nutrition your body required to work at its best.

Vitamin D

Essential for healthy bones vitamin D regulates calcium levels and phosphate in the body. Nutrients the body required to keep teeth, bones and muscles healthy. Our bodies create vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin, the main concern for the British population is the lack of sunlight between October and March. During this period, it would be advisable to take a vitamin D supplement to improve our bodies natural levels.


Some great advice for parents out here, your toddler/child would benefit from taking probiotic tablets. Not only will this prevent them from getting sick but it can also have some great benefits to their digestive system and immune system. I have also read in other health articles that taking probiotics before travelling to a foreign country can prevent any serious illnesses occurring and ruining your holiday. So next time you travel don’t forget to pack these!

Know What Supplements Your Body Needs And Why

Always remember that the word supplement means to help support a healthy lifestyle. Taking nutritional supplements is advisable throughout the winter months when the body needs it. Try and maintain a healthy diet where you can by eating your five a day and keeping active for around 20 minutes continuously each day minimum. We can’t all have perfect diets and our own personal nutritionist to ensure we are getting everything our bodies need, so try keep a food diary and keep track of which supplements you are taking. Always remember to give you body a break for supplements after prolonged use, this will help optimise the performance of the supplements you are taking.