When treating eyelashes, you should do it gently because the hairs on these petals are very fragile and easily damaged. Do not wipe your eyes excessively, do not also brush your mascara.

Also, when cleaning eye makeup or mascara, instead of rubbing the product, try dripping facial cleansers onto the cotton and then pressing it on the closed eyes for a few seconds before wiping clean the remaining makeup. This will be much better for your lashes. Now comes the Bondi Beach eyelash extension from Bondi Lash and Beauty Clinic. bondi lash and beauty clinic offers a variety of face nurses to eyelash extensions Bondi Beach.

What should be done to maintain clean and healthy lashes?

1. Don’t forget to clean it regularly

Remember that like other body parts, lashes should be cleaned every day so that they can grow normally and healthy. Therefore, clean the hair in your eyes every day with a mild facial cleanser, and remember to remove the remaining makeup in the eye area with a makeup cleanser product.

In addition, it is very important to remember that you should not share eye makeup with other people to prevent cross contamination and transmission of infection.

2. Avoid false eyelashes

The flexible, fake eyelashes can indeed make the eyes appear bigger and deeper. However, these beauty products have flaws that you must consider. For example, when you take it off, if it is done inadvertently, even a lot of original eyelashes can be removed.

In addition, the glue used to attach lashes contains chemicals that can cause allergies and irritation. This is why you should not use false eyelashes every day, which means that these beauty products should only be used during large and important events.

3. Use conditioner

Like hair, fur in your eyes also needs conditioner to grow healthy. You can thinly apply petroleum jelly to your eyelids while you sleep. You can also use special eyelash conditioner that you can get at the store. Existing products are usually moisturizing and strengthening the feathers in your eyes. In addition, the conditioner can also prevent the hair from breaking so that it can grow longer.