Travelling with work can be a stressful process and making sure everything you need is packed should be the least of your concerns. The agenda of the trip should be your number one priority and to do that, having all the essentials ready and packed for a flight should be ticked off. Here are the travel essential most people will need before heading off for a business trip


To avoid boredom or overthinking your trip away, taking a book or tablet to entertain you will really help with making the flight go quicker. It’s also important to keep your mind stimulated if you are landing and heading straight into a meeting, it will keep you alert and fresh rather than oversleeping and feel lethargic.

Travel Pillow

Waiting until the last minute and buying a generic travel pillow from the airport won’t give you optimal comfort. Investing in a premium travel neck pillow will ensure that you can rest well during the flight and won’t wake up with any discomfort. Airports tend to sell a cheaper travelling pillow that isn’t designed with your neck in mind, they are basically small pillows and aren’t very efficient in an upright position.

Wash Bag

It may seem obvious, but at times, it can be a bad idea to assume that the hotel will have all of your wash essentials. So, taking a toothbrush and paste along with shower gel and deodorant will ensure your clean and fresh before the work day starts. Having a travel size deodorant always help after a flight too, in case you are meeting people straight away.

Work Essentials

Whether you need it or not, most trips should occur with a laptop too. Seeing an email on your phone during or after the flight may mean you need to make some essential changes to document and having your personal laptop with you can remove a lot of the stress or haste before a meeting.

Power Bank

Whether it’s for your phone, tablet or any other device, running low on battery never happens at a convenient time. Having a power bank will at the very least, give you peace of mind during the trip.

Travel Credit Card

If you tend to go on a lot of trips for business, then it might be best to have a credit card solely for your travelling expenses. There is now travel cards you can transfer funds to at any time, and you receive a much better conversion rate, and they are safer to use abroad.

Every business trip is different, but you’ll find that the majority of business trips have the same fundamentals that you’ll need to take away.