Streetwear is on the rise, and so are streetwear brands this year. There is more to life than Supreme after all, and it is a joy kill finding the item that you want immediately sold out before you can even get to the payment page. Which is why we are going to introduce other mens designer fashion brands to you!

So, have a look at our list of the top 5 rising streetwear brands this year.

Off White

You may have heard of Virgil Abloh as the new creative director of Louis Vuitton Menswear division. His route to success is not unfounded, as he was the creator of Off White, the cult streetwear brand that everyone is hyping about. Manufactured from Milan, this shows quality in the clothing. Off White was one of the brands that began to constantly mix itself with luxury and the urban style from the streets. So, the following is not unwarranted.

Societe Noir

A rising streetwear brand, Societe Noir are becoming one of the ones to watch this year. Known for their branded logos on their accessories and streetwear, they are certainly in trend this season and developing a following. Not only the brand is unapologetic and luxe, their clothing exudes mysteriousness too all whilst looking fly!

NICCE London

NICCE London is a brand that is reflected by the London culture. Established with its minimalist, clean and fresh look, it has propelled to new heights of popularity on its home turf. With their comfortable outerwear that plays with neutral tones, and minimalist accessories and footwear, it is no wonder the only way is up for this brand.

Chapter 5

Launched by Vell Beck, a streetwear influenster. It is natural he would go to the design world, and develop chicer clothing. And, that was how Chapter 5 was born. Beware, this brand is no stranger to the streetwear world. Chapter 5 did collaborate with Vans to launch their sneakers line, and now, it has expanded to include stripy leather jackets in the collection. Bold and confidence is what you need to work this brand, and Chapter 5 will help you get there.

Deer Dana

For something different, and still be street you should look at Deer Dana. Established by Dana Veraldi and her partner Kevin Tekine, who are also artists hailed from New York. Their T-shirts are proving to be a hit, and garnering celebrities as fans from Jay-Z to Kristen Stewart. As streetwear is now part of pop culture, this brand easily meets in the middle of the two worlds. The beauty of this brand includes the fact that the prices are affordable! So, get started on the big bold trends by wearing sketches of Hollywood icons on your chest.

Now, we have told you the top five rising brands of this year. Snap them up quickly, before the word reaches the crowd!