The popularity of self-storage has been increasing in the UK with more and more commercial and domestic customers taking advantage of this. Self-storage units are now being used for a number of commercial and domestic reasons. If you are considering self-storage, you should consider the different ways that it can be used.

Commercial Uses Of Self-Storage

There are a lot of businesses that use self-storage as a means of extending their workplace. Self-storage is often used as a secure storage facility for removal companies. Self-storage facilities will often have warehouse space, convenient access for lorries and forklift facilities. This makes them ideal for any removal company.

Another commercial use is for excess stock. There are a lot of businesses that find renting self-storage to be more cost-effective than moving to larger premises. This is due to the fact that storage facilities are flexible and you will be able to increase or decrease the amount of space you hire based on your current needs.

Heavy commercial users often find that Grade B containerised storage is ideal for them. These units will generally be older than the standard ones, but they will be available for a lower rate. This means that the storage of tools and equipment will be more cost-effective for the business.

Secure self-storage facilities are great for builders, engineers and construction companies because they can store building materials there. In these facilities, these companies will be able to not only store their materials, they will also be able to load and unload the materials with ease.

There are times when a company will outgrow their current premises and have to move to somewhere larger. During these moves, it is important that the company is able to run smoothly. To ensure this, many companies will temporarily store office furniture, stock, and equipment in self-storage units.

Market traders and car boot enthusiasts should also consider using self-storage for their commercial needs. This is a great low-cost storage option which allows easy access to all of their stock.

Companies will have to legally retain certain records for a set amount of time. Short and long-term storage of paperwork, archives, and records can all be done in self-storage units. This will often be more secure than storage in an office building.

Small businesses that sell on eBay and other online portals can also make use of self-storage units. This is a great choice for storing and distributing the stock they have. Commercial users can also store vehicles in self-storage units. There are many facilities that have units designed to hold vans, lorries, cars and busses.

The Domestic Uses For Self-Storage

Self-storage has long been popular with people who are moving home, but there are other reasons why you might want to use self-storage. The short-term storage of items during a home sale is one of them as well as during the move. Most self-storage contracts are flexible and you can keep the unit for as long as you need even if this is only a month.

Long-term storage when you downsize is also a potential use for self-storage. Moving to a smaller home does not mean you have to get rid of everything and there are a lot of valuables or sentiment items that you will want to keep. Self-storage is a great solution as you will still be able to access them when you want. You will also be able to use self-storage to free up space in your garage.

There are a lot of people who have specialist hobby equipment that is expensive but not used for long periods of time. Storing the items in a self-storage unit will ensure that they are safe and not taking up space in your home when not in use. You can also store sports equipment in the unit to keep it safe.

Self-storage also offers you a secure place to store your motorhome or caravan. Putting your caravan into storage during the winter is often better than having it sitting on your drive.