If you are unable to disconnect even during the weekend, if you feel energized, or if you sleep poorly, you have probably reached the alert level. If the stress is permanent and you are never at rest, it becomes deleterious. Very often, this pressure is considered as inevitable and incurable but it is not the case. Everyone can become aware of the negative effects of stress and impose a new lifestyle, even if it is not always simple.

Relaxation and Yoga: Two Excellent Stress Relievers

If you want to know how to reduce stress, you should notice that it is possible to act on different parameters: the body, the negative thoughts and the behavior. In this sense, sport like yoga, which mobilizes breath and muscular strength, is an excellent anti-stress. Studies have shown that yoga reduces symptoms of depression and that regular practice acts on stress-related hormones. As matter of fact, it reduces the adrenaline level and increases serotonin.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Meditation to Reduce Stress

To combat negative thoughts and stress, you can resort to cognitive behavioral therapies or CBT. These techniques allow you to control the flow and think differently. Meditation is also very effective, especially if you combine it with intermittent breathing. It has been proved that it prevents the use of antidepressants and relapse in the event of depression. Like yoga, it acts on biological markers of stress. For beginners, the ideal is to follow an 8-week program, under the supervision of a professional coach.

Other Tips to Reduce Stress Instantly

Stress may lead to the loss of several years of healthy life. To affirm this, many scientists even invoke the shortening of telomeres. These strands of DNA are located at the end of the chromosomes. Recent studies have shown that they are shorter in people with depression, a sign of accelerated aging. These are the tips to counter this phenomenon:

  • Scratch your ankle to stimulate the cerebral circuits of pleasure, it is more effective than scratching your back and the relaxing effect is immediate.
  • When the anxiety rises, place your hands in the shape of a bowl in front of your nose and mouth. Breathe like this for one to two minutes. The inhaled carbon dioxide will modify certain chemical balances and calm will return quickly.
  • Treat your cold because it happens that a blocked nose has a negative impact on your mood and your well-being. There is even a direct link between olfaction and sexual desire.