In New Jersey, elder laws provide senior patients with the Nursing Home Resident’s Bill of Rights. Under the federal laws, nursing home administrators must protect the rights of the patients as outlined in the regulations. A local attorney helps families when their senior’s rights are violated.

The Right to Medical Care

Under federal laws, all nursing home patients have the right to medical care. The patients have the right to identify the doctor who they prefer to provide their medical care. The nursing home residents also retain the right to refuse medical care from any doctor who visits the facility. Any violation of the patient’s right to or right to refuse care could lead to penalties against the facility and its administrator.

Freedom from Abuse and the Use of Restraints

All patients in a nursing home have the right to protection against abuse and the use of restraints. Any instance of abuse or the use of restraints in a nursing home is a violation of the patient’s rights. An administrator could face severe fines and the denial of funding for their facility. In extreme cases in which senior patients were abused and/or subjected to the use of restraints could lead to the shut down of the facility.

Privacy and Dignity

Privacy and dignity are also rights that each patient has while living in a nursing home facility. It is necessary to ensure that patients can bathe and dress without feeling threatened or embarrassed.

The Right to Visits and to Participate in Daily Activities

The patients have a right to visit with their families and other residents. The administrator cannot lock a patient in their room or restrict their right to see their family or friends. If the patient chooses to participate in daily activities, the administrator cannot stop them.

The Right to Discharges or Transfers

The senior patient has the legal right to be discharged at any time. If they want to be transferred to another facility, the administrator must make the arrangements for them. The administrator must also notify the patient’s family.

In New Jersey, the Nursing Home Resident’s Bill of Rights are federal laws that outline the requirements of patient care. All nursing home administrators must follow the laws or face penalties. Families who need assistance can contact a nursing home abuse lawyer right now.