Because of the sheer importance of search engines for the success of your website, search engine optimization techniques have grown in popularity in recent months.  It is a well-established fact that at least 80{2a48c6f5afe4bae343fbd5e875f658615ea7cbb525a928f8d0e004b64246b36e} of the traffic you will be able to generate for your website would come from the search engines.  Hence, search engine positioning can potentially spell the success or failure of your online venture, says Lynn Harrison founder of

The study of how you could attain a better position in the search engine results has evolved into a modern-day science that many people call search engine optimization, or SEO.  Search engine optimization includes all the things that we could do to improve the search engine ranking of our websites so that they may figure more prominently in search engine results.  This would surely boost our traffic and help maintain a regularly high number of visitors for our web pages.

Search engine optimization is composed of two aspects.  First, we have on page SEO which comprises the things we could do to within the four corners of our website that would make it more search engine friendly.  This includes keyword selection, keyword usage, content generation and meta tag identification, among others.

Second, we have on page SEO, which includes all the things that affect our website’s search engine rank that are outside the four corners of our web pages.  We usually don’t have direct control over these matters, nonetheless, there are some ways by which they could be manipulated to favour our websites.

Below are some off page SEO tips which you could practice getting a better position in search engine results.

  • Link popularity has always been considered as an important factor in determining the search engine rank of your website.  The higher your link popularity is, the higher your search engine rank can be, it’s as simple as that.  Link popularity refers to number of websites that display links to your homepage. 
  • It is important to note that in your quest to build your website’s link popularity, you should only consider incoming links, or links that only point to your website.  Reciprocal linking, or when two or more websites link to each other, shall be penalized by the search engines with a lower rank.
  • Back links are also proven ways to increase your link popularity.  There are many ways that would allow you to have a lot of back links for your website.  You could try article marketing, forum marketing, and blogs.  Or you could manually include your website’s link in other web pages that allow link inclusion. 
  • In using blogs and forum marketing to display your back links all over the World Wide Web, make sure that your links are embedded words that contain a keyword that is related to your website.  For example, your website is about cat grooming.  In your blogs and forum signatures, you could hyperlink your website with the word “cat” and the phrase “cat grooming.”  Every time a person would click on the said word and phrase, they would be redirected to your website.  Aside from analysing the link sources, search engines also analyse the texts that carry such links.

Off page SEO can actually be a lot of fun, especially when you see your website slowly climbing the search engine ladder.  Enjoy this worthwhile approach for what it is, and eventually, you will be able to enjoy the rewards that it would bring to the table.