In order for your commercial real estate marketing to be successful, it is very important to develop the strategies that will help you stand out and maximise your visibility. As the commercial real estate marketing continues to grow and evolve in 2018, we have developed a list of top real estate marketing tips to help you stay ahead of the competition in the current digital era.

The following are some real estate marketing strategies and ideas to help you really stand out so that your CRE business can be successful.

1. Create a Responsive Website

The very foundation of your digital marketing campaigns is your website. Loopnet and Google conducted a joint study that revealed that nearly 80{0ca3122a67aa5aee2d5c45b919bdbcf8e9691ae57b98031e1231cf34f5098c20} of investors and tenants use the Internet in order to find commercial property and make their purchase and lease decisions. That means that your website is essential in obtaining prospects, gaining brand visibility, and helping to drive lease-up efforts and sales for your business. Also, your ability to attract and reach more prospective investors, brokers, and tenants is increasingly dependent on the user’s experience on the website that is displayed on their devices.

2. Make Videos

One of the most powerful mediums that can be used are videos and they are still not used extensively in the marketing mixes of a majority of CRE businesses. Marketing videos provide viewers with a different type of medium that they can interact with (that usually encourages them to spend money while they are on your website), and help you showcase your properties and company better to allow you to stand out from your competition.

3. Maximise Your SEO Visibility

You need to ensure that your real estate website has all of the right boxes ticked off when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you have an effective SEO strategy this can help you generate a ton of “free” traffic coming from Google as well as the other major search engines so that you generate added visibility for the targeted keyword terms that relate to your business. An increased number of prospective investors and tenants are utilising online searches for researching properties, so make sure you are not left behind.

4. Use Google for Running Targeted Ad Campaigns

Google AdWords provides a scalable, efficient, and fast way to target prospective investors and tenants online. You can use programmatic advertising to showcase your offers and services within the search results in specific locations, or use retargeted and display ads for individuals who visit your website or your competition’s sites. Simply put, it is the fastest way for you to get your website in front of the best prospects for your business.

5. Create a Powerful Presentation

A strong presentation can be a very effective way to tell the story of your brand and clearly communicate the services you offer to potential clients. However, your presentations need to be of the highest quality in order to make a lasting and positive impression with your prospects. Make sure to invest in a professionally-produced presentation that tells your story in a compelling way, targets your audience, and that is engaging.

7. Have Professional Photos Taken

To create a “wow” impression for your properties, the most effective thing that you can do is to buy high-quality professional photos. The photos of your properties make a critical first impression and is among the most crucial marketing investments that you can make to impact the various touch points that you use (OMs, presentations, brochures, listings, etc.).

8. Use Drone Photography to Impress

Over the past couple of years, drone videography and photography has become a lot more affordable and accessible and allowed real estate marketers to be able to capture that gorgeous imagery of all of their real estate properties. You should consider using HD drone photos to upgrade your images to provide a much larger “wow” factor to your marketing collateral.

9. Nurture Relationships

Given that commercial real estate is one of the world’s most relation-driven industries, it is critical to maintaining relationships with your existing. However, this can sometimes be overlooked if you are chasing new deals constantly. Take the time every quarter, month, or week to consistently reach out and stay in contact with your clients. Social media can be used to stay in touch (interactions on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), or you can provide them with access to professional network, and share your knowledge with them.