When I became associate pastor at my church, I was told to order some business cards so I could pass them out to people I come in contact with day in and day out. The lead pastor told me that I could order them from the local business store, which is where he gets his. When I checked the prices, I was surprised because it seemed really high. Also, the cards were extremely basic. I knew that I could get a better deal and a better card online, which is how I found https://www.123print.co.uk/business-cards.

This is an online company that provides quality business cards at excelptional prices. The more that is ordered, the cheaper it becomes too. I decided to order 1,000 business cards, because I planned on meeting a lot of people. There were three different choices that I could choose from, which included the core, the mini, and then the recycled options. I decided to go with the recycled option because it is not only cheaper but it is also very helpful to our planet. We were given dominion over the land and animals, so I do my part where I can to be environmentally friendly.

I then had the choice of creating my own business card, or I could use one of their many templates. I really have no experience in designing something like a business card, and I really did not need anything extravagent anyway. I just wanted the basic details on it along with the church logo on it. It was very easy to use their templates, and I had the design done in just a few minutes. It was very easy to process the order and payment, and I had the business cards in my hands within just a few days. They look great, and I am hoping to build God’s Kingdom with them.