Sports is an industry that has a high unifying power – creating a base between peoples of different continents, races, religions and creeds. Several people that are passionate about sports do not only attend the games, they are also passionate about other aspects of sports like the gears, the equipment, the apparel, sports news and everything related to sports. Some people have specific sports preferences, while others just enjoy all sports available to them.

If you are passionate about sports and are looking to get into the business, then it only makes sense that you follow your passion and establish a sports-themed business.

In getting a loan to start up any business, your knowledge of the industry will be tested by many traditional lenders and institutions to ensure that you are not going into the business on a whim, or without adequate information.

Your knowledge of sports and the industry can therefore serve you well if it is well articulated into a business plan for the loan process.

We scoured the internet for ideas about sports-themed businesses that can be established in 2021, but you can also visit discussion forums like for more ideas and information.

Some sports-themed business ideas

Sports blogging

Blogging is a form of online magazine service that offers information, gossip, news and other such items. Blogging websites can be specialized, which means that a sports blog could be a hit for fans and the sporting audience. If you can get enough information and engagement in specific sports like basketball or soccer, you can even focus on such for a more in-depth blogging experience.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is the big deal presently. From pre-exercise supplements to post-exercise supplements, and everything in between, sports nutrition businesses reinforce the connection between input (what you ingest) and output (the quality of your sporting performance). There are several subcategories to consider, like vegan, organic, synthetic, powders, nutrient mixes and so on.

Sales of Sports Apparel and Gear

Several sports lovers all over the world like to dress in the apparel and gear that connotes their preferred sports and teams. Since there are hundreds of sporting activities available, it is important to look around your society for the most preferred sports there and cater to such needs rather than starting a business that tries to do it all.

Sports Academy

Opening a sports training academy is another profitable business venture to consider. You might have to specialize in a sport, like a basketball academy, soccer academy, swimming or badminton academy, or a combination of related sports. You might also have to start your brand or partner with a brand that already has a reputation. You will need skilled instructors, gadgets, equipment suppliers and suppliers.

Gym and Fitness Centre

A gym or fitness centre is an important part of most people’s everyday lives and has no bearing on one’s sports preference or fandom. It can be established in the open or covered space, as well as getting all the equipment that needed for the team. In the same vein, you could get certified to be a personal fitness instructor or coach for private clients.