Having a good idea for the gymwear market and offering a memorable label is great for starting off an e-commerce brand, however, with the amount of competition in the market currently, even the best brands can be pushed to the side. Will some planning and a strong marketing campaign here are a look at some ways to best start a gymwear clothing company.


It’s not impossible, but you’ll find the hardest clothes to market don’t have branding on the garments, although some consumers don’t particularly like heavy branding on their fitness clothing, it massively helps with advertising. Having a unique identifying label on the clothing will help people browsing online and in the gym, notice the brand. It needs to help consumers relate to the brand whether it’s for the way it looks, what the brand stands for or even just because they like the logo, there are many reasons people buy brands and it all comes down to remembering the logo.


One of the biggest parts of starting an online gymwear brand is how you market the brand, the most important thing to remember is that as a new business, people aren’t going to be looking for you, you need to find your customers.

If your brand has some money to spend on marketing, Facebook and Instagram advertising prices can be very reasonable. They work very well to increase awareness and revenue for the business, the key to using these platforms is to know your market, both platforms give options to narrow down who sees the ads. If you have a mens gymwear brand, removing women users from the advertising will reduce any wasted viewers from seeing the ads, you can also pick an age range to target, pick people who already shop in the ads and even pick out viewers who are into sports or follow other gymwear brands.


At the start of any business in the clothing sector, the balance between cost and quality is key to identify. Your activewear needs to be affordable for you to purchase with a low budget but buying for a low price likely means the quality will be poor. Repeat custom is necessary for any new business and if the garments are poor quality it’s likely that most customers won’t purchase in future. Gymwear shoppers, commonly show a lot of brand loyalty and if you can offer a continuous range of new garments you’ll be able to succeed from repeat custom which leads to more brand awareness.


Breaking into the gymwear sector can be tough, and releasing too many ranges can lead to the end of the business. Trying to cater for men and women in all different sizes with all different types of garments will be expensive to bulk buy and store away, and if some products don’t sell, it will be lost revenue. Also, if you buy too little in a big verity of garments its likely some will sell out before you’re prepared to bulk order again and you might have site visitors that are unhappy with not being able to buy the selected garment. Having a select few ranges will really help the business, cheaper to order and you can slowly learn what your popular sizes are, which colours sell best and also look for feedback on social media about what you should release next.


The online popular love discount and offering the idea of discount even works, offering a top for £20 is a fair price and will likely sell, however, selling the product for £25 with a further 20{0ca3122a67aa5aee2d5c45b919bdbcf8e9691ae57b98031e1231cf34f5098c20} off will attract more people to shop, this tactic works well with social media advertising, it helps to give them a reason to click on the add.

Just a few ideas for after you have your brands logo and style thought out, people aren’t going to be actively looking for your company so you’ll need to use different ways to entice shoppers and increase your sites awareness. Naturally, social media is free advertising so looking into different ideas such as hashtags, the format of activity and how often to post will help in the beginning massively.