Competition is high online, being a new company, you can find yourself trying to battle some of the giants in the same section and it can feel like a losing battle. Researching search engine optimization to help the business compete in a different league might help in boosting your traffic and profits. Here’s a look at a few areas to focus on whilst starting up, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the sector leaders.

Create a Selling Point

Optimising your website using keyword research it best for helping your website stand out during searches. Identifying keywords to use for your site take have lower search volumes will help your site move up the rankings, if you’re hoping to sell mens streetwear, for example, trying to rank for the phrase “streetwear” will likely keep your site buried under the larger competition, finding a longer keyword or phrase that describes your product better will help it move up the ranking and even though few people are searching it, having a more descriptive phrase means that your product will more likely be what they’re looking for. there are hundreds of different “streetwear” styles which might not be what the consumer is looking for, but if it’s a range on the website such as mens loungewear or mens designer tracksuits their searching and you offer the matching product, their likelihood of ordering with you increases.

Pay Per Click

This service created by Google can be surprisingly affordable. Again, you pick a keyword but this time you bid on it, if you’re willing to pay the most, your website will show up in one of the top four searches in google. A famous example is paid to show up at the top against their biggest competitor, using the keyword “just eat”. This was likely an expensive venture for Hungry House, but with keyword research and good timing, you could be a top ranked site.

This can be an expensive venture to continuously invest in, however, during sale periods, payday weekends and the best times in the day, you can optimise your site to show up when it best suits your market.

Website Optimisation

It’s essential that your site is user-friendly, it needs to have quick loading speeds and easy navigation so the user isn’t tempted to leave and visit another site. Your products might be their preferred choice, but if your site doesn’t look safe, they won’t be willing to risk their card details on a questionable site.

Basic Marketing

One of the fundamentals some site can forget, good images to help sell the product with a detailed description of what they are interested in. If you sell electrical products, there needs to be multiple images of the design and its function and to match it, a detailed drop down description to help sell the product. It’s more likely that the potential customer leaves the site rather than email further questions, make the website as simple and desirable as possible.

Social Media

An essential in 2018, social media platforms are free advertising for your brand. Setting up different media channels for all the popular channels is key for brand awareness. It can keep shoppers and follower up to date with your mens streetwear company and also gives you the chance to show your company’s personality off. If you’re offering luxury tracksuits you can keep people up to date with the brand’s progression and also advertise new products and services. Keeping content fresh is vital with social media, you’re likely to lose followers if you become spammy and generic with what you’re posting.

A few Ideas to help the brand get started, the key is to focus on companies your size and excel against them, the more you do this you’ll start to notice your competition changes and you grow bigger as a company.