Offices are beginning to reopen after the lockdown stopped the majority of employee’s from attending their workplace. But now while it’s suggested that you still work from home if possible, many businesses want staff back in the office to improve workrate, add healthy routine and improve mental health with day to day interactions.

But how can an employer make their staff feel safe and happy while in the workplace? Here’s a look at some changes to make post lockdown.


Naturally offices are designed to optimise workspace and have just enough personal space per desk that allows as many employees to be seated as possible. But one of the most important things to consider post lockdown is space, rearranging furniture to allow more room in between staff should be an employers first priority.

If you’re in a smaller office and moving desks around just isn’t possible, consider rotating staff’s work from home time. Giving staff the option to work from home while the pandemic is still an option. This will allow some staff to come to the office and begina normal routine if they need it.

Provide Safety Essentials

Face masks, hand sanitizer and visors are all essentials still in the UK and to avoid any germs being spread in the office, providing the essentials will make your employee’s feel a little safer. It’s also worth checking in with your employee about what will make them feel safer, you might find some are ready to be back in the office and other would prefer to stay at home

Add Some New Luxuries

One way to get your employees excited about coming back to the office is to add some new elegance. Whether it is a pool table, modern coffee machine or a designer sofa to relax on, it’s something that will make staff feel like they can relax during their downtime.

Update the Office Procedures

Make sure everything is updated when it comes to the office, create a one way system, review fire exits and rally points to assure everything is socially safe. If you have smaller rooms in the office such as a break area or kitchen, be sure to space out employees break times enough so rooms are being overused.

Keep Up With Government Advice

The UK isn’t back to smooth sailing yet and the government is constantly updating the public with new guidelines so keeping up to date with everything going on especially in your area is essential for your employee’s safety.