It’s crucial that as an employer you create a happy and motivated workplace. As the saying goes, happy employees are productive employees. By taking these small steps, there are likely to be fewer work-related conflicts and more employee productivity.

Appreciate Your Employees

A lot of managers make the mistake of waiting for annual reviews when judging their employees potential. This long wait for recognition can make the employee inpatient and makes way for negativity which then results in reduced productivity. It’s best to appreciate your employees as often as possible. This will boost work morale and creates a positive work environments making them happy to stay.

Be Flexible

An office that is run with a tight work schedule with little to no breaks can be a big mistake and a key factor in making your employees miserable. Whilst it takes guts, promoting a flexible standard of work will result in happier employees. Flexible hours will allow employees to have more control of their work-life balance, and it’s unfair to expect your employees to work better if they’re not able to spend any time with their families or friends. To ensure a careful work-life balance, it’s essential to let workers have flexible working hours as well as short breaks.

When employees are able to maintain a positive work-life balance, they are able to refresh their minds as and when they need, and they will start putting this positivity into their work life.

Promote Organisation

A disorganised workplace can result in bad feelings and clutter your employees’ minds. It is vital to keep and maintain an organised workplace, and even small things such as maintaining natural light and fresh air levels and asking employees to take care of their desk or workspace will have a positive impact on everyone’s work life.

Happiness Is Contagious

Happiness is not a solo experience. A smile is the best way to make sure that everyone else is happy and smiling, too. If the boss or manager is positive and smiling, then this will make employees feel relaxed and be able to communicate more.

When you have a boss that has a positive demeanour, employees will start helping one another and engage in productive talks which will then lead to an improved work environment.

Offer A Social Workplace

Offices shouldn’t feel serious and stuffy. Managers should be responsible for promoting and encouraging a social workplace in which workers are free to share their opinions and talk openly. It is recommended to hold weekly team meetings where you discuss good things and positive goal achievement to make employees feel more motivated and productive.

Be A Team Player

Leading by example makes for a great boss. Employers should be there for their employees when they need you the most, and that could mean getting your hands dirty by doing some of their work. Rewarding your team for their work is a great way to boost morale. You could put a strategic reward system in place based on punctuality, team performance and individual performance. You don’t have to include monetary rewards, either. Things such as an extra day off or even a handwritten thank you note will go a long way in boosting employee’s happiness.

Remember, a happy workplace is beneficial for both the company and employees wellbeing. Creating a happy workplace is worth it in the long run, and will stop things from ever getting to the point of having to get employment solicitors involved.