Running is part of the simplest and cheapest forms of exercise or physical activity to engage in. Like every other type of training, it helps to offer many benefits to you. One good thing about this type of exercise is that it does not require you to hit the gym.

Importance of Running as an Exercise

As mentioned above, running offers quite a several advantages. These advantages help your physical, mental, and even psychological health. The following are some of the significant benefits of running as a form of exercise: –

  1. Helps with weight loss if you are on a weight-loss journey
  2. Relieves stress and eases tension
  3. Helps to eliminate depression as it is a therapeutic activity
  4. Helps to boost your confidence and self-esteem
  5. Prevention of diseases

Basic Rules to Follow Before You Start Running

Like every other form of exercises, there is much set down rules to follow. Therefore, the following are basic rules to follow before you start running: –

  1. Set a Goal

With a goal in mind, it will be easy for you to become satisfied after each day’s run. Also, with a plan, you can continuously keep yourself in check.

  1. Go for Check-ups Before You Start

Going for a thorough check-up before starting to run is a very crucial rule to follow. You have to know and become cleared by your doctor before you start running. Going for regular check-ups with your doctor will also help you see the number of miles you should run. Check-ups will also help you to know how your body reacts to supplements.

  1. Start with Brisk Walking

Often, most people start running fast. However, it is wise to start with brisk walking to get yourself prepared. It also helps you not to become easily worn-out or tired before achieving your set goal for the day.

  1. Have Plenty of Fluid with You Always

It is essential to have enough fluid (water) while running to help strengthen you and quench your thirst.

  1. Do not Run Near Roads

It will help if you do not run by or beside the roads when you start to run. You should also plan your route and make sure that your loved ones at home know where you’d be running. The reason for this is to ensure your safety.

  1. Stretch Your Body before You Start

Stretching your body thoroughly before running also helps you to enjoy the run. When you get back from the run, you can also apply light stretches and massages to your body to ease tension.

  1. Dress Appropriately For the Run

Putting on the appropriate sportswear for the run helps you enjoy the run and make it easy. You should also apply sunscreen to your body before setting out. That will help prevent sunburn.


Although running can be an excellent physical activity, it can also be a very dangerous one, depending on your health status. Therefore, you need to know what your health says before you start running.