Okay, okay, so you’re a fashionista. There, it’s said. But, what are you doing with this talent? If you’re not putting it into a business idea which could potentially catapult you to becoming a fashion icon, then, what’s the point? So, with that in mind here are a few fashion companies which you can hatch for under $1,000. Both for those with the cash to burn and someone who wants to spend as little of that sum as possible.

1 – Start Selling on Larger Sites

This is often the first step to starting your own larger fashion website, but there’s no shame in setting up shop on either eBay or Amazon for your current storefront. In fact, it’s probably one of the easiest ways to begin your fashion empire. Whether you’re selling anything from luxury bridal lingerie to women’s designer swimwear, the authority of these big brands can really boost your sales. However, you will have to pay them a piece of the pie for the privilege (always something important to keep in mind).

2 – A Fashion Blog/Mag

This is perhaps one of the slowest starting fashion companies you can start, but it is very budget friendly and the return on investment can be quite substantial if you become successful. Starting a blog, for example, can be as cheap as $100 and many high-performing sites can make anything up to $2,000 a month once they take off. That’s a 2000{0ca3122a67aa5aee2d5c45b919bdbcf8e9691ae57b98031e1231cf34f5098c20} ROI if you get to that point. If you prefer vlogging instead, then setting up a YouTube account is free. The only real cost is equipment and time to film.

Starting a magazine can be a much bigger enterprise. Then again, perhaps not if you stick to an online format. It all depends on your goals and ambitions in the long term. The production costs of an actual, physical, magazine can be quite extensive. However, if you start with an online model you can slowly raise the capital to move in this direction over time. Or if it works you can always just stick to one business or the other.

3 – Designer T-Shirts

Cheap to produce, having a line of designer t-shirts can be one of the best ways you can gain a profit fast and a little notoriety as a designer. If your designs are great then you could easily grow your brand quite rapidly. As one of the cheapest items to produce, this is possibly the best option for any would-be entrepreneur who is perhaps a little budget conscious.

Cheap stock also means waiting for customers and quicker turnaround, catapulting your reputation and helping you move forward in the designer t-shirt world.

4 – Make Boutique Jewellery

In a world where everyone has a designer something or other, some people are simply looking for something a little more unique. This is where boutique, handmade jewellery comes into play. With plenty of materials falling under the $10 mark you can gather an assortment of supplies with relatively little money. Materials, equally, can be sourced quite cheaply.

The only problem with selling handmade jewellery is that the quality needs to match the price. And, when first starting out, you likely won’t be able to change massive amounts for the jewellery you will be producing. Counteract this by starting small and selling cheaply to friends or family. Once you get really good, then you can start building an online store or similar.

All in all, starting your own fashion empire doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. So, keep your budget in mind and start as small as it will allow. Once you have good footing then you can branch out to more of these ideas (if your plan is world domination). Even a small business can grow beyond your wildest dreams. So, start today and you never know what tomorrow may bring.