Currently, streetwear clothing clothing is a thriving sector in the fashion industry. Most fashion giants are releasing ranges to meet the demand for the public. Streetwear is a casual look that brands have styled into an intentional look that can be worn for more occasions without looking too underdressed.

The Market

The market is only becoming bigger with the ranges catering for most people. Streetwear isn’t just about fitted tracksuits anymore, it’s about looking intentionally casual and using more activewear in a fashionable style. Hoodies, slim fit jeans and running trainers all play a big part in the market, as most of the garments are suitable for everyone, most people have interest in the style whether it’s intentional or not.

The Purpose

It’s a style suited to most daily occasions whilst being comfortable, going to the cinema, shopping or just a coffee you won’t look like your underdressed and you’ll have an intentional relaxed style. It also serves a purpose for branding, streetwear is partly about the labels you buy, brands like Kith, Supreme and Bape are all premium streetwear brands that cost a lot more than the competition and anyone into the street scene will know the status behind the brands.


It’s a style that consistently advertises itself, if celebrities aren’t wearing it, it’s all over social media and major stores also endorse the style with trainers to highlight the look. It’s often a status symbol and brands push full looks rather than just trying to advertise one garment, collaborations with other brands and trainers also help establish the brands more and their creativity is highlighted, especially with trainers.


Joggers, jeans, tops and hoodies don’t need branding to be part of the streetwear style. However, streetwear is currently all about buying the designer brands and knowing that the more you spend, the less likely that others people will have the same clothing. With a lot of the high-end brands, they offer limited edition products to entice customers to buy more, knowing that the item isn’t in full circulation. Supreme, for example, is almost a boutique brand, the only sell to certain suppliers and their garments aren’t worn by everyone. Yet, most people are aware of the brand’s cost and rareness.