Statistically, Florida has the highest employee turnover rate in the nation as evidenced by the 2016 statistics as reported in the Miami Herald. As a state that sees a high number of seasonal residents who make their way south for the winter season, it is not out of the realm of possibility that this statistic also carries over into other sectors as well. As a result, it is essential that employers in the Sunshine State go the extra mile when vetting potential new hires.

Training new employees is often a costly proposition and one which can significantly lower profits if a company is continually hiring new staff. Even having said that, there are other reasons why employers should take extra effort when checking the qualifications of applicants.

Florida Has a Highly Mobile Population

While it can be said that most of the nation chooses to relocate much more frequently than ever before in the past, much of Florida sees a high turnover in renters. Even family members in other states find it difficult to search people in FL because their residences can change from month to month. With so many highly concentrated urban areas on both coasts of the state, it is difficult to know where to start. Whether you are an employer seeking to investigate an applicant’s background or a friend looking for someone they’ve lost touch with, websites like are able to access personal records from a number of sources.

Background Checks May Be Inconclusive

Without search tools like Intelius, background checks may be inconclusive. This is most evident when it comes to rental history. Some employers run a credit report because a person’s credit history is thought to be indicative of a person’s character. However, many landlords don’t report to any of the three leading credit bureaus which makes it fairly difficult to gauge a person’s stability. If you don’t know where a person last lived, how could you possibly check their rental history in that city or county? When vetting new hires, running the typical background check may be inconclusive unless compared with a wider range of personal records collected by people finders.

Mitigating the Perception of a Fly-by-Night State

Over the years, Florida has been labeled a state where many businesses are nothing more than a scam. When vetting new hires, employers now want to know just how stable their workforce is. Some jobs may be seasonal such as in the hospitality sector or in agriculture, but there is a growing number of industries seeking to overcome the stigma.

Although employers can check references, sometimes it is easier to get a better picture of that person’s stability and character by conducting an online search. By cross referencing other people who may be connected with the person you are looking into, you can begin to narrow down the search. Any business has much to lose when hiring someone who isn’t a good fit for that company’s culture. Whether seeking a top-level administrator or a simple blue-collar hourly worker, it pays to know as much about that person as possible before beginning the hiring and training process. Know as much as you can about a person before giving them free rein to the premises. In Florida, every employer should thoroughly vet job applicants as standard procedure because, as mentioned, it has such a highly transient population.