Investing in jewellery, particularly diamonds, can be a viable and profitable route for many people. The desire that comes with diamonds are unquestionable and they have been treasured by society for hundreds or even thousands of years. They continue to be valuable and signify wealth and glamour. However, they are not only treasured by those who own and wear them, but also by investors.

If you are considering investing in diamonds, then there are a few things you need to know to make sure you can tell whether a diamond is real or fake.

Identify Imperfections

The first thing you can do to tell whether a diamond is real or fake before investing is to identify imperfections. There are so many examples online of comparisons between real and fake diamonds, where you can really see what is meant by imperfections. Fake diamonds are generally flawless inside, with little to no imperfections (referred to as inclusions in relation to diamonds).

When you look at a real diamond through a magnifying glass, imperfections will be present. It is difficult to describe them, so it is best to look up images of different diamonds so you can tell the difference. Although this is a good way for professionals to identify how real a diamond is, if you aren’t experienced in this area, we wouldn’t recommend relying on this as the primary method of identifying whether a diamond is real. The next two tips are much more effective if you aren’t a certified jeweller!

Work With A Certified Jeweller

A more effective and reliable tip is to work with a certified jeweller to help you identify whether a diamond is real. There are so many different steps that a jeweller will take to see if a diamond is real, including looking for inclusions (as seen above),  as well as using professional machinery that can also indicate whether or not the diamond is real.

When a jeweller sees diamonds and other gemstones every single day, they know exactly what they should be looking for. Finding a well recommended and fully certified jeweller that you can trust is the absolute best thing you can do when considering investing in diamonds.

Ask For Paperwork

Another thing you can do is to ask for any paperwork that comes with the diamonds. With any piece of fine jewellery, it should come with documentation with detailed characteristics of the stone, beyond just the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, colour and carat). The GIA are the most reliable for diamond grading and provides extremely reliable ones. So, when you see GIA paperwork, you are likely to know that it can be trusted.

However, of course, there is potential that the paperwork has been faked. Again, a certified jeweller that you trust will be able to identify fake looking paperwork as they see it so often, which is why you shouldn’t just rely on paperwork alone! Plus, vintage jewellery may not come with paperwork, depending on how old it is, so working with a jeweller would be necessary!

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are plenty of different ways that you can look at whether a diamond is real, but the most reliable is to work with a certified jeweller, especially if you are purchasing a vintage engagement ring without paperwork! Be smart from the get-go and find a reliable jeweller, as this gives you the best chance of making your investment viable.