If you are planning to start an entrepreneurship and be a successful entrepreneur like Pat Mackaronis you may want to know if it is right for you. Successful entrepreneur like Pat Mackaronis were firm on their decision on starting an entrepreneurship and how to go about it.

This article will help you find if entrepreneurship is right for you.

Different values

Many people who are great employees don’t necessarily be great entrepreneurs and vice versa. The basic goal for this employees and entrepreneurs is financial stability. Only there are two different ways of gaining financial stability.

How to handle failures

Many of us try to neglect our mistakes and this can lead to consequences that you cannot deal with. This also develops fear in many people, avoid taking risks and this stops them to take necessary actions to be successful in their business. An entrepreneur knows that risks are part of entrepreneurship and failures are part and parcel of entrepreneurship and they have to learn a lesson from failures and overcome to be successful.


Employees basically try to do best in their specific fields and get rewards for their work. On the other hand entrepreneurs sacrifice their own security to build a stable enterprise where they employ different people to help them financially.


Entrepreneurs love to work on their own terms and explore new ideas, they don’t want to be supervised and controlled by seniors. They want to come up with new systems by replacing old ones.


Employees prefer taking responsibility for the work they do whereas as entrepreneurs take the responsibility of the success of entire firm and everything that happens in the organization.

Looking at opportunities

Employees look at opportunities basically in terms of money whereas as entrepreneurs look at opportunities as different ways to learn and enhance their skills.