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Importance of Acrylic Acid in the Chemical Sector

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Acrylic acid is a clear, corrosive, flammable and colorless liquid with a pungent odor. The chemical finds extensive use and application in the chemical industry that ensures extensive linkages with end-user industries. Acrylic acid is miscible with a variety of other chemicals such as chloroform, acetone, benzene, water, alcohol, and ether. Its versatility makes it a valuable industrial chemical as well as an important intermediate chemical making acrylic acid manufacturers actively gain profit from its supply to industries that use acrylic acid in the production of consumer goods.

Industries Making Use Of Acrylic Acid

Industries have actively sighted the shortage of acrylic acid in spite of manufacturing industries investing heavily in the production of the chemical. The global demand and supply of acrylic acid has increased considerably in the past decade and is expected to continue seeing an increase in the near future. Industries manufacturing cosmetic products such as nail …