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What Does a Business Owner’s ‘Duty of Care’ Towards Employees Cover?

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As a business owner, your main concern might be making a profit, but your workforce is one of your most important resources.   Official statistics reveal that an estimated 30 million working days are lost every year because of work-related injuries or illnesses – whether they are physical or psychological.  Not only do unhappy workers have higher rates of absenteeism, but they are also less productive and are more likely to resign, leaving you with the expense and hassle of rehiring and training new employees.  It, therefore, makes good business sense to make sure that you carry out your obligationof ‘duty of care’. 

This responsibility starts with the original hiring procedure.  After a fair recruitment procedure, workers should be given a written copy of their employment details, usually in a contract.  This document draws up their duties, terms of payment and also covers any post-termination restrictive covenants (depending on your field).  …

business ethics

Understanding the Basics of Forex Algorithmic Trading

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Around three decades ago, the forex market was defined by trades executed over institutional investors, telephone, blurred price data, low market concentration, and a big difference between dealer to customer and dealer to dealer trading.

Technological advancements in some of the global hubs for financial markets such as the UK have revolutionized the foreign exchange market. Trades can now be executed fast through your computer which enables retail traders to access the market, while the streaming of actual time prices has maximized transparency.

Further, the difference between dealers and their most experienced customers has reduced. The introduction of algorithmic trading has also been a significant change in the industry, that has brought about enhancements to the practicality of foreign exchange trading.

However, algorithmic trading also comes with risks. This article will help you understand the basics of algorithmic trading and the forex market.

The Fundamentals of Foreign Exchange Markets

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