There are three things that we need to tell you to opt for the Escape room Calgary Games. They are

  • Do not go tired or with an empty stomach
  • Do not stay stuck for too long on the same riddle
  • Know the difference between what is a clue and the elements of the decor

They are feared by some Parisian cinemas and trust the bulletin boards thanks to their impressive times of escape. The Key Counters, however, have nothing of a professional team and do not whatsoever jerseys bards of sponsors. This is a group of friends who have just started playing escape games on a regular basis and who is good at it. The Key Counters in full briefing before the room. Escape60 located at the address: 1638 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J5 (Click for the directions).

  1. Do not go tired or with an empty stomach

On the way to the hall where the Key Counters have planned to shine, Calgary releases his secret weapon: a package. “You must avoid going on an empty stomach. It is especially the brain that is put to contribution, it must have a little sugar to make it work properly. Some rooms with well-intentioned managers offer sweets or hot drinks during the briefing, but this is not systematic. With the corporate team building games, you will need to have perfect addressing now.

In the same way, do not go there by being tired or lacking sleep. It may not be a physical ordeal, but one hour of pressure puts the body to the test.

And of course, consider going to the bathroom first. But the game masters (GM) recommend it systematically before entering the room.

  1. Speak, speak, speak again

One of the main causes of failure is often the lack of communication between team members. “It’s super important communication, explains Agnes. Do not hesitate to shout a little “.

And to yell, we can say that it mouths because when the Key Counters are in the room, they came to do, we could almost do without microphones in the control of game masters.

     3. Identify the roles and adapt your strategy

Everyone does not always do the same thing in a team, and some may have different specializations. Small non-exhaustive typology of the archetypes that you could have in your teams:

The intellectual: it is the one who will put himself in front of a puzzle and who will solve it after having warmed up his brain. The bounded: it is the king of repetitive tasks. It misses two numbers to code a padlock and time are running out? Give it to him, and he will methodically try the remaining 100 combinations.

Call Escape60 to book your corporate team building games in Calgary: (587) 430-0880.