Until now, ceramic flooring is still the belle of the floor coating material group. Various floor tile manufacturers are competing to create innovations with rich texture, motifs, and shapes to adapt to any function and space.

In different spaces, there are different types of ceramic house floors you need to install on it. So how do you choose the right floor tiles?

1. Choosing a Porch Floor Ceramic

Ceramic terrace flooring needs ceramic tiles that have texture and antislip.

Also, the motifs and colors of porch floor tiles should be adjustable to the condition of the house. For example, if brick walls dominate your home, then you can balance by choosing brightly colored ceramics.

2. Choosing Ceramic Tiles for Living Rooms and Bedrooms

For bedrooms, you can select various types of house ceramics that suit the style in it. For example, you can take patterned ceramics such as marble, granite, or wood pattern.

For the family room, you can freely integrate ceramic home flooring. You can juxtapose two ceramic floor colors at once. You can also use a ceramic floor with a distinctive motif on one side of the room as an accent or as a room separator.

3. Choosing Ceramic Floor Kitchen

In choosing kitchen floor tiles, you should not only prioritize the visual appearance. Activities in the kitchen need to be supported by the comfort and safety of the design space. Therefore, you should choose the right kitchen floor tiles, such as polished floor tiles that are easy to clean from oil stains.

4. Choosing Bathroom Floor Tiles

Not only the kitchen area that requires a safe space design, but the bathroom also needs something similar. In selecting the best bathroom tiles, it’s a good idea to choose a coarse-textured antislip floor ceramic material. You can also choose floor tiles with small dimensions, commonly called mosaic tiles.

5. Choosing a Ceramic Garage Floor

The garage is one area that requires a strong floor tile and has high durability. Therefore, the selection criteria for garage floor tiles are not easy. It takes ceramic floors that have strong texture and scratch resistance.