There are many reasons people decide to hire a removal company as opposed to hiring a van and doing it themselves. Of course, finances are always a number one question but like most things in life, cheap can cost more in the end. Here are five of the primary reasons why people decide to hire a removal company – They might seem like very good reasons to you too!

Know Thyself!

Property removal is a professional job. Curiously, many people still see paying removal companies as an extra bill they can save on: A kind of un-necessary extra! In reality the situation is completely the other way around. For most, hiring a professional company is one on the list they should never cross off! Be realistic. This is a physical job and moving furniture is a knack, one that you are taught or learn through “fail and error”. Are you really capable of moving all that furniture, clothes, toys, kids, car etc? And even if you are physically capable, can you really keep the ball rolling smoothly and deal with all the things that can go wrong along the way? Know your limitations and be realistic. Once you start adding up the time, costs and stress factors removal costs will no longer be an extra, they will be a necessity!

Packing Problems

Many people opt to reduce removal costs by doing their own packing and without doubt, it can save on the job as a whole. Even so, they are professionals and you are not. If it takes you three days it will take them one day. They are professionals and time is money. Are you really even going to save money? By the time you’ve got the pizza in, thrown the beers round, sent your thank-you notes etc are you really going to save anything? Not to forget, did butter-hands Brad really drop your prized 46inch TV? If you’re a whiz at the packing okay, let’s make that a maybe. If you’re not, simply bad packing will result in taking more space in the van than anticipated and a lot of things broken you really wanted together! Doing your own packing might seem cheaper initially, but cost you more in the long run.


You probably have house insurance but when it comes to moving, many of these do not cover breakage: Particularly with regards to special items such as antiques, pianos etc when you move with a professional company they will have full insurance that will just about cover every possibility. Ok, so the likelihood with a pro is that they do not actually break things! Even so, that piece of mind is all in with the price.

A removal company is insured so any breakages or accidents that take place will be covered… Then again, those accidents are pretty unlikely if you’re using the experts. So, it may not be cheap but it is cost-effective.

Hiring a removal company will take a mother-load of stress off you. As they say, there is very little to equal the amount of stress it takes to move house!  So, don’t do it! Hire the pros and look forward to your new home!