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Setting Up A Post-Covid Proof Business Plan

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The future of businesses all around the world will most definitely be related to the chances many businesses have when it comes to adapting to the changed COVID has put into place in the past couple of months. At the current stage, it’s super important to understand the fact that the vast majority of businesses must approach a severe variety of technologies to keep themselves competitive in the current market, let’s find out more about it.

What Technologies Will Survive The Pandemic?

“In 2002, when the SARS outbreak occurred it led to the tremendous growth of B2B and B2C platforms in China. Similarly, the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the online marketplace and changed it from a nice-to-have to a must-have.

To maintain social distancing and to contain the virus online shopping is the way to go.

E-commerce has sprung up massively in this pandemic. You can get what you want …


Real Estate In A Post-Covid World: What Happens Now?

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The impact of COVID 19 in today’s business world has been incredibly tangible, with dozens of companies failing and with unstable investment routes taking over procedures which are well known for being stable and reliable for steady incomes. The real estate sector has been one of the few which were heavily hit by the pandemic, especially given the fact that a lot of people have decided to step away from buying properties. Let’s analyse what may happen to the real estate sector in a post COVID world.

The Before-After

According to lexology “The pandemic has placed great pressure on tenants to pay their rent when it becomes due and many have not been able to do so at all or entered into a variety of arrangements with their landlords. In our experience, it is uncommon (but not unprecedented) for leases to define a Force Majeure to include a pandemic or …

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How To Improve Your Office Space Post Lockdown

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Offices are beginning to reopen after the lockdown stopped the majority of employee’s from attending their workplace. But now while it’s suggested that you still work from home if possible, many businesses want staff back in the office to improve workrate, add healthy routine and improve mental health with day to day interactions.

But how can an employer make their staff feel safe and happy while in the workplace? Here’s a look at some changes to make post lockdown.


Naturally offices are designed to optimise workspace and have just enough personal space per desk that allows as many employees to be seated as possible. But one of the most important things to consider post lockdown is space, rearranging furniture to allow more room in between staff should be an employers first priority.

If you’re in a smaller office and moving desks around just isn’t possible, consider rotating staff’s work …

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How to Build a Good Curriculum Vitae?

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As a real showcase for assessing at first glance your profile, your CV must be finely written. It must stand out from the crowd and help you get a job interview. So how do you create an effective curriculum vitae? There are some rules to follow at all costs. Discover the best tips below!

Why Should You Create a Good CV?

Contrary to popular belief, the CV does not aim to directly land a job but to get an interview. However, recruitments are often made through the selection of the most relevant resumes. This written document traces the candidate’s career path, that is to say their training and diplomas, their work experience and their interests. Thus, it allows the recruiter to identify part of their personality. In short, a CV makes it possible to determine whether a candidate has the qualities required for a specific position or not. This is …

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Famous Gaming Platform Being Hacked Reveals the Importance of Digital Currency Security

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Macau – Recently, the famous gaming platform in Macau, ‘Tamago’ got hacked on the 28th of August, 2020 with result to lost of 4,000,000USDT to cyberthieves (

Internet and Security Agency which investigates the net crime, said it had started an inquiry into how the thieves gained access to the exchange’s core systems. Separate, more recent attacks on the Bithumb exchanges have also been blamed on the same hackers.

No information has been released about who might have been behind the latest attack. This game platform Tamago is one of the biggest gaming platforms active in Macau. ” a secure store used to hold the assets that were not being traded. – a secure store used to hold the assets that were not being traded.

More and more cybercriminals have tried to cash in on the boom in digital currencies. Many have created malware that seeks to use victims’ computers …