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Stress and Anxiety: How to Lower the Pressure

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If you are unable to disconnect even during the weekend, if you feel energized, or if you sleep poorly, you have probably reached the alert level. If the stress is permanent and you are never at rest, it becomes deleterious. Very often, this pressure is considered as inevitable and incurable but it is not the case. Everyone can become aware of the negative effects of stress and impose a new lifestyle, even if it is not always simple.

Relaxation and Yoga: Two Excellent Stress Relievers

If you want to know how to reduce stress, you should notice that it is possible to act on different parameters: the body, the negative thoughts and the behavior. In this sense, sport like yoga, which mobilizes breath and muscular strength, is an excellent anti-stress. Studies have shown that yoga reduces symptoms of depression and that regular practice acts on stress-related hormones. As matter …